A Biblical Perspective on Essential Oils
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What You Will Learn In This Dynamic Session:
Why did Queen Esther bathe in the oil of Myrrh for 6 months before meeting the King?  
Moses was said to have lived to 120 years old.  What kept him healthy and strong during his leading of the exodus?    
What did King Solomon teach that drew all the kings and queens of the Earth to travel and study with him?  
"Biblical Secrets of Vitality Available to You Today."
Everywhere you turn people are talking about essential oils.
Discover why these ancient drops of oil are the missing link to optimal health and longevity in today's modern world.

Author, Teri Secrest is know world wide as the voice of bringing ancient solutions into modern day homes through the use of health, nutrition, and essential oils. Her passion for research, and her love of food and family breaks through the old paradigm of "average health" and launches families into extraordinary health. 
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